The League of Angels Limited defined as the “Company” trading as “The League of Angels” with company number 09770039, registered office Mayfair House, 109 Narbonne, LONDON SW49LQ.

The League is not registered under the Financial Conduct Authority and does not recommend investments to its partners or guests. The League strongly recommends that individuals take independent legal and financial advice prior to making any investment decision. The League cannot be held liable for any loss (direct or consequential) associated with a venture showcased or introduced by the League of Angels Limited. Your attendance at our events confirms your agreement to our Terms and Conditions

  1. The League of Angels operates as a private company offering partners and clients a range of professional services including networking events in their chosen fields of interest.
  2. Partners of the League are by invitation only.
  3. The League of Angels operates in London Monaco, US, Middle East and Asia Pacific. 
  4. The League of Angels expects all Partners to act with professionalism and integrity throughout each event. The League reserves the right to cancel or suspend a Member whose conduct, in the League’s opinion, might be injurious to the character or interests of the League. In such circumstances, the Board reserves the right to cancel Membership in these circumstances without refund.
  5. The Annual subscription (FULL) entitles the Partners to a discounted rate for each London dinner attendance.
  6. The Annual subscription (UNDER 30s) entitles the partners a discounted rate  for each London dinner attendance.
  7. No Partner should include the League of Angels logo, trading association or other intellectual property without the express written approval of the Company.
  8. By agreeing to become a Partner, each applicant accepts that The League of Angels is not registered under the Financial Conduct Authority (or equivalent international authority) for the purposes of investment activity. Each Member accepts that The League of Angels shall never recommend an investment opportunity and is simply showcasing ventures of interest to certain Partners. Each Member shall hold the League of Angels harmless regarding any subsequent investment made via a contact established via The League of Angels. Each Partner shall waive any right of compensation from The League of Angels regarding any unsuccessful investment decision.
  9. The League of Angels recommends that each Partner seek independent legal, tax and/or financial advice prior to making any investment decision.
  10. The League of Angels reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions by updating its web site. There is no obligation on the League to write to each Member prior to making any change.
  11. The Company may make Bye-Laws for the regulation and management of the League and may amend or revoke any Bye-Laws so made; but no Bye-Law shall be inconsistent with these Rules.
  12. The Partnership Rules and related contractual obligations are governed by the laws of England.
  13. Each Member shall be bounded by these Rules and Bye-Laws.
  14. By using this web site and/or attending any League event, an individual is assumed to accept the above terms and conditions.
  15. These rules are governed by the Laws of England.

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